Thank you for submitting your application for rent relief


Here is some important information about what to expect next.

  • If you didn’t upload all the documents we need:

We will send you a follow up email with a link. Please upload the documents as soon as you can.  We accept cell phone photos of the documents! *Please check your email, and spam folder, regularly. 

  • We will email your landlord to let them know what they need to do.

Once we pull your application to process it our system will email your landlord. When we get all the documents and review them we will send you an email if your application is approved for payment. Then we will send the payment to your landlord within two weeks. We will also let you know if your application isn’t approved.

  • Our application process time depends on how soon we get your documents and your landlord’s documents.

If you have questions please call or email your local CAA  (find us here).

We encourage tenants and landlords to talk to each other about participating in the program because both will need to provide information when applying. We have heard from some tenants that they are facing eviction because they haven’t paid their rent in in a few months. Please note: There is a federal eviction moratorium through March 2021. This means that landlords may not evict tenants due to nonpayment of rent during COVID-19.