2023 Leadership Summit

for Community Action Staff and Leadership

Friday, October 20, 2023

Registration is closed. If you missed the deadline, please contact Susan Richards, srichards@mecap.org.

We look forward to seeing you!


Learning Objectives

Attendees will lean into the Whole Family Approach (WFA) experience for staff and families in their agencies. They will learn more about why we use the WFA, what data and evidence drive the work and how we can integrate this approach into all we do. They will hear from local and visiting experts, and each other, as we explore this next step in our collective journey. Read more about our presenters below.


Agenda (NEW)

9:00     Arrive and Network: coffee, tea, juice, pastries and fruit available.

9:30     Part One: We Use the Whole Family Approach Because …

      • Welcome & Housekeeping
      • It Matters to Us: A Panel of Families Involved in Whole Family Based Services
      • The Human Services Value Curve: Kimberly James, APHSA

12:15  Buffet Lunch & Break

1:15   Part Two: Breakouts

      • The HSVC and its role within the Whole Family Approach with Kristen McAuley, Charley Martin-Berry and Sue Powers (For all staff who work with customers)
      • The Human Services Value Curve and How to Weave it into Your Agency Culture with Kimberly James (For leadership staff)

3:15   Evaluation & Ideas

3:30     Adjourn

More about our Presenters


    • Kimberly James is an Assistant Director of Technical Assistance with the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA). Kimberly has 25 years of experience within the health and human services field with a concentration in child welfare. Kimberly has served in leadership roles in both the public and private provider sectors, serving as the Director of a foster care and adoption agency as well as the Director of a children and youth agency. Kimberly has years of positive experience facilitating change management and other organizational development activities for health and human services agencies utilizing APHSA’s DAPIM™ model. Kimberly has also participated at every level in the federal Child and Family Services Review and other formalized Quality Assurance (QA) processes. Kimberly has both Bachelor and Master of Social Work (BSW) degrees and is a licensed social worker (LSW) in the state of Pennsylvania.
    • Kristen McAuley is Senior Program Associate at the John T. Gorman Foundation.  In this role, she works with other Foundation staff to craft and implement investment strategies that advance the Foundation’s goal of ensuring Maine children are resilient and successful, and their families have the resources and tools they need to support them.   Kristen has an MPH from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health.  Most recently, she assisted with COVID-19 response at the Maine CDC, providing vaccine, therapeutics, and staffing support. Prior to the pandemic, she held many positions within Maine’s public health infrastructure, primarily overseeing areas such as community-based, tobacco and obesity prevention as well as school health, oral health and maternal and child health.  Kristen is proud to have served in all three branches of state government, and also has experience evaluating local and statewide behavioral health, criminal justice and child welfare programs.
    • Charley Martin-Berry leads the Community Caring Collaborative, a multi-sector partnership that works to foster collaboration and improve outcomes for vulnerable populations in Washington County and Passamaquoddy communities. Her work focuses on creating community-level infrastructure that strengthens partnerships; promoting practices and policies in organizations and across systems that are effective and equitable; creating flexible financial support programs that help families build assets and reach goals; and building responsive, shared programs that align offerings across multiple agencies and, when combined, impact population-level change.
    • Sue Powers is Director of Strategic Initiatives for both ACAP and MeCAP. Sue has worked in community action for 42 years, developing systems in early childhood and family engagement, impacting future success. During the last 5 years, she has focused on a statewide transformation to develop systems that support low-income families to achieve social and economic mobility. As a leader in Whole Family Approach in Maine and nationally, Sue has supported MeCAP’s network to transition to a Whole Family comprehensive service delivery model.  As a Certified Community Action Professional (CCAP), Sue values cross collaborative work and looks for opportunities to build and establish networks of collaboration that strengthen systems across communities.